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South Africa trip

A three-week trip to London and South Africa -- for promotional and research purposes -- resulted in some nice pictures from my son Jake, the family photographer. The animal shots were taken at the wonderful Shamwari Game Reserve. You can check them out at Jake's flickr photo address:
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I guess I didn't know this site had weblog capabilities until now. I will try a few posts and see if anybody is interested.

The news about "Guernica" is that it won the reader vote as the top book of the eight Richard and Judy Summer Reads selections in the UK. Thank you readers and voters. I wondered if that's a bit of a hollow distinction as the Richard and Judy show is canceled. I'm told that at the very least it will cause another sticker to be placed on the cover. Very nice and gratifying, though, to get that kind of wonderful response from readers. It also was the top seller among the eight, I'm told.

After some promo work in South Africa last week, we should have some "Guernica" publicity via the Jenny Crwys Williams show on 702 Radio (not sure on the date, but I'll supply a link when I spot one), a possible story in The Sunday Times by Andrew Donaldson, and a feature on FMR Radio in Cape Town.

It's also been picked up by a Croatian publisher, pushing the territory total to 14 (12 languages) ... giving us publications in both Serbian and Croatian, incidentally.

If you are a reader stumbling upon this, feel free to ask questions or share thoughts. I promise I will get back to it when possible.


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