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Time for a new blog post

Let's see ... the fine folks at the new library at University Place (near Tacoma) are setting up a date in early April to have a reading/signing event. We'll be finalizing the date soon and will pass that along. Since the last blog I've started a facebook page ( a twitter account (@daveboling).

A nice bookseller from Texas, Carla Smith, pointed out a video review of "Guernica" done in the UK by actor Benedict Cumberbatch. It is very nicely done ... a product of being named as one of the Summer Reads selections for the RIchard and Judy Book Club (a Brit tea time talk show). They sent him to a beach on the island of Mykonos as the backdrop. It is my opinion that they should have had the author fulfill those duties. I had not heard of Mr. Cumberbatch, but apparently he's a fine actor who has been very successful (cast as Sherlock Holmes in the recent BBC series).

Here's the link to the video review:

Also, "The Novel LIve!" project that 36 local writers conspired to produce in a mad flurry in a week last October will be published by Open Road Media as a 60,000 word e-original novel in May, with much of the proceeds going directly to charity!
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