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"Guernica" paperback in US

First, thanks to all who have left comments on the weblog. Great to hear from you.

Not much news to report other than the fact that the U.S. paperback edition (Bloomsbury) is scheduled to be out in the first week of September. The last that I heard, they had decided to keep the cover relatively unchanged. I'm happy with that decision as I like the moody, atmospheric colors.

Since you're at this site now, you might be interested in checking out the "works" page to see the various covers from different territories. Whenever a new one is published, I'm always amazed at how creative designers are able to take the same book and come up with such different interpretations for a cover they believe will capture both the readers' attention, and the essence of the subject.

Curious if anybody has any preferences among those displayed. Feel free to leave comments with your favorites.
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