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October events

We've got some fun events coming up. From 10-11 through 10-16, 36 local writers are participating in The Novel: Live!, in which we'll write in front of the public for 2-hour stretches at the Richard Hugo House on Capitol Hill. I'm writing from 4-6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 15. I"m one of the last writers, so I think I get to handle some pretty weighty plot points. Should be great fun and it's a privilege to be invited to participate.

In promotion of the event, Erica Bauermeister and Kevin O'Brien and I are reading and gabbing Oct. 13, 7 p.m., at Third Place Books, Ravenna.

A tangent to that: Part of the local Arts Crush activities in Seattle include the 24-hour Art Marathon Oct. 7-8. ( I just received an invitation from Seattle artist Kate Vrijmoet to sit for a portrait to be auctioned. Check out her website: She has some amazing stuff there. The paintings can be seen at the Thursday Art Walk, 5-9 p.m., Oct. 7 at the Globe Building in Pioneer Square.

At the end of the month, Oct. 26, our good friends at Kirkland Parkplace Books have invited me to be a part of a panel with author friends Jim Lynch and Carol Cassella, and others. 7 p.m. Read More 
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