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Appearance at Kirkland Parkplace Books

Help Celebrate
National Reading Group Month

Great Group Reads Panel Discussion & Nancy Pearl!!!
October 26th 6:00 - 9:00 pm at Kirkland's Parkplace Books

Join PacNW authors, Jim Lynch (Border Songs), Dave Boling (Guernica), Robert Dugoni, (Bodily Harm), Boyd Morrison (The Ark), Carol Cassella ( Healer) and guest moderator, Nancy Pearl as they take a look at whatconstitutes a good read, ask and answer all sorts of quirky questions and help to celebrate...October is National Reading Group Month. The evening's event is sponsored by the Women's National Book Association and hosted by Parkplace Books.  Read More 
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The Novel: Live!

If you weren't able to catch any of the production of The Novel: Live!, you can still read the work of 36 local authors at this site:

What a wild and fun experience. There is some terrific writing in there, and I think it turned into a surprisingly cohesive and readable piece despite being written by authors with so many different styles, in two-hour segments, over the course of a week.

Garth Stein and Jennie Shortridge, in particular, did an incredible amount of great work on this thing. Information on the publication of the book will be forthcoming. Proceeds go to local literary causes. Read More 
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Seattle Arts Marathon

Want to thank Kate Vrijmoet for asking me to sit for a portrait during the Center on Contemporary Arts Seattle marathon. Posing for a portrait is quite an experience ... and a privilege to be asked. She thought it might be nice to cross-pollinate some creative media during Arts Crush month. I suspect I should use her as a character in a story soon. I could do much worse.

She's very talented, with a unique style. In places on the canvas, she allows excess paint to drip off the form, giving it a "Persistence of Memory" feel. It was fascinating to watch the mechanics of it: the paint mixing and matching, and all the prep work. At one point, while working on the face, she used her wrist and lower arm as a palette, just mixing the colors on her own skin.

I'll include a photo of the painting on this page ... wherever I can make it work. Check out Kate's website ... particularly some of the paintings of underwater scenes. Great perspective. Read More 
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