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Early reviews for The Undesirables

The Undesirables (Picador UK) is drawing nice reviews from readers, bloggers and newspapers. Sorry for the absence of hyperlinks (seems to be down at the moment, so you'll have to cut and paste the links for full viewing).

*The Daily Mail (UK) gave it a nice mention here:

The highlight was: "This is another triumph from Dave Boling, whose first book, Guernica, met wide acclaim."

*And this from The Lady magazine, the longest-running women's magazine in the UK:

The highlight was : "This enthralling novel takes us straight to the nub of the second Boer War. Written from the perspective of a Boer adolescent, it captures with raw vividness the emotions stirred by war and loss."

*Here are a few from

To save you some time I'll pluck a few comments out of these. "This is a remarkable book." And, "a wonderful storytelling job about an important transition point in human history."

A couple book bloggers in UK offered nice reviews.


Highlight: "Trust me when I say that "The Undesirables" will become one of the most desirable novels of 2014. If this doesn't pick up awards and get championed left, right and centre, I will give up book reviews."



Highlight: "Despite the tragedy and suffering that it portrays, it is ultimately an uplifting tale of survival against all odds and provides a fascinating insight into this lesser-known and rather inglorious period of British history."


Highlight: "The Undesirables is a wonderful book which brings to wider knowledge a shameful period of European and African history in a brilliantly readable fashion. Boling is a brilliant writer. I hope it's not five years until his next books, but if that's what it takes to maintain such a high standard, then so be it."
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